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Tessa Knight C.M.P

​Confirming The Deep Tissue Standard 

Tessa Knight C.M.P logo, Strength and pace

Deep Bodywork is gravity based and an idle paced trademarked form of  Deep Tissue. 

Complimenting, soothing and seamless, trademarked, Esalen Massage, makes for a uniquely deep,

and therapeutic experience.


Please arrive with one or two areas of main focus.

It's not uncommon to give 45 minutes of attention to ONE AREA SPECIFICALLY throughout the session. 


Esalen Massage, interwoven with detailed, Deep Bodywork.


Serving Northern California along the Highway 101 corridor.

Located at 5521 Scott's Valley drive, Scotts Valley Ca, 95066


Tessa Knight C.M.P

Tessa Knight C.M.P is a trained professional certified by the State of California in Therapeutic Bodywork. Any physical or verbal language indicating you are searching for "other" services will NOT be tolerated.

Cert# 64729

Respect massage zero tolerance

Tessa Knight C.M.P

  Massage Practitioner since 2002. 

State Certified #64729

Deep ​Bodywork 

Esalen Massage ​



With a Thai Yoga Massage background.


Original training,

Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts. 

Santa Cruz, Ca.

Continued  education, 

 Esalen Institute, 

Big Sur, Ca. 

*Requested arrive freshly showered

without fragrance,

free of hormonal creams or gels prior to your bodywork.


Gentle Deep Tissue

     This is Deep Tissue, the bodywork may

be intense, yet pain is never the intention. Requested

hydrating day prior, clearing schedule day of,

understanding soreness may follow day after.


Seek reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google sights.


Getting Deep into the shoulder girdle

Getting Deep Into the Shoulder Girdle

Bathroom clean and located within feet of the work space.

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Welcome to

Lost coast Shelter Cove location
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