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Tessa Knight C.M.P
Deep Bodywork
In home visits
Shoulder Girdle
Tessa Knight C.M.P
Respect Massage Zero Tolerancece

Tessa Knight C.M.P has hour long sessions designed for each part of the body, with 30 minimal minutes of sedative and nurturing bodywork included with every appointment. 90 minute minimum.


Temporomandibular Disorder. Inquire in advance about the intraoral massage. TMD can extend to your chest and arms affecting the Carpal Tunnel. If neglected headaches and neck tension are acquired over time.

Core Massage? Is your breathing restricted? Can you feel how tight your Diaphragm is? 

Sciatica? Theres a two hour Deep Hip session just for that. Everyone needs a hip massage, everyone.

Plantar Fasciitis? This massage takes a commitment in intensity and has the potential to be very productive.

Shoulder Restriction? Tessa can access every corner and depth within the shoulder/girdle.

Hiatal Hernia? We have a session for that. 

Emotional Trauma Release. Bodywork gives you a lot of time to be with yourself, inside your own body and mind. Memories and feelings can be stored within your muscles memory. Crying and or laughing during your sessions is welcomed and considered standard. You are safe to explore emotion and traumas.

Not enough time for ENERGY WORK or burning sage.  Tessa needs at least five hours with their clients but is only able to provide three hours of HANDS ON TIME per session. This is a guarantee that every moment will be used in depth and intention. No Fluff!

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Deep neck work
Thai Massage
Assisted stretching
Couples Massage by appointment




Why Should I Choose Tessa Knight C.M.P ?

     Tessa Knight was born for bodywork. Left handed and right brained, Tessa has natural ambidexterity. This gives

Tessa the ability to preform tasks equally with both hands. Muscles are uniquely approached as Tessa's right

brained talents of creativity, energetic sensitivity, intuitively applying precise pressure. Tessa trained as an

equestrian, dance, Coperia (martial art) and practices with excellence in motion.

      Raised on a small hobby farm Tessa understands how a used body feels. Their youth evenings were spent trading bodywork, allowing for a lifetime of muscle memory stored within. At Five foot ten inches tall Tessa does not overcompensate with pointy elbows, but firm equity, pace, depth and grace.

     2002 Tessa Knight received their Massage Practitioners certificate. Considering this life long talent, Tessa did

not employ their Certification until 2012. Continuing education at Esalen Institute, Deep Bodywork and Esalen

Massage Certified, Tessa was finally given the permission they needed, to embrace the body. 

     Humboldt Counties lenient massage standards has given Tessa the allowance, and time in perfecting their craft

with thousands of hands on hours. Massaging a lifetime, Practitioner since 2002, practicing independently and full

time since 2012. Cant work a cash register, an emotional waitstaff, not mathematically inclined, but will give you

a Deep Bodywork session THAT WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.


Previous California locations:

Shelter Cove- Home based/outcall practice

Garberville- 827 Redwood Drive

Redway- 1155 Redway Drive

Sebastopol- 507 South Main St. 

Heartwood Institute- 220 Harmony Lane, Garberville

Fortuna- 1100 Main St.

Fortuna-658 Main St.


Deep neck work

What is up with a three hours of bodywork ?

     Three hour sessions gives Tessa the ability to address

most of your body. Sedating with touch is required for

the depth of the work, and this takes time. Involving at

least two areas of your choice, utilizing Deep Bodywork

for detailed attention and Esalen Massage, luring the

body into relaxation. Typically deep hips, and Psoas

Major are addressed during these sessions. Other areas

may be of greater importance and your guidance is

welcomed. Gentle assisted stretching and joint rotations

are always included.

Finishing up....

What the heck Is Esalen Massage and Deep Bodywork? Whats going on here?

Oh gosh! 

     Tessa's first schooling at Twin Lakes college of the

Healing Arts in 2002 was a minimal certification in

Swedish Massage. Teaching a proper spa massage and

how NOT, to touch the body. Esalen Institute was

considered the Holy Grail of massage schools and at

19 years old, Tessa was not ready financially to attend. 

     Fast forward to 2014, Tessa Knight M.P, attends

Esalen Institute. Where she found her true callings.

    Registered and Trade Marked, Esalen Massage: The

Practitioner harnesses a meditative and slow pace. With

presence, intuitively using the *long stroke, joint rotations

, pauses for integration, and gentle stretches in relaxing

the client unto a parasympathetic state. This half asleep

dream mode is where cellular regeneration and healing



      *Long stroke: Where both hands are used to firmly

glide along the length of both sides of the body with



      Registered and Trademarked, Deep Bodywork: Idle

paced, allowing for the body to communicate with the

brain that you are in a safe and caring environment

(not being attacked by wolves). The Practitioners proper

body mechanics allow for gravity based pressure,

not force. The body can tell the difference in the

Practitioners rehabilitative intention. When combining

these two complementary modalities, it creates a formula

in healing.

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