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Located at 5521 Scott's Valley drive, Scott's valley Ca 95066

Available for on location bodywork anywhere along the Northern California

Highway 101 corridor.

Available by appointment only. 24 hour notice required for

all bodywork.

Responds to Text only. voice calls can be made for those

whom have medical restriction. Allow 7 days for response

to voicemail.


Accepts Venmo, personal checks, credit, PayPal and ca$h.

If a receipt is required for reimbursement, we may 


with an invoice.

Serving coastal California's Deep Tissue kneads.



assisted stretching and mindful draping during every session

     Please TEXT (707) 223-1014 with a proposed numerical date, time and length of session. Include your full name and specific locations of concern. First time clients cannot schedule after 5:30 p.m. during the winter months, and 6:45 p.m. during the summer months. Same day appointments and three hour sessions are NEVER available to first time clients. 24 hour advanced notice required.

     Arrive hydrated from day prior and clear schedule of any strenuous activities following the

session. Please arrive scent free and freshly showered. ZERO fragrance, hormonal creams or gels applied prior to appointment. (Fragrance will cancel any appointment, Shampoo, fabric softeners, deodorants, body-wash, soaps, lotions, all of them.)

      Two and three hour sessions highly recommended. Minimally every body, requires ten hours of Bodywork a year.                      

                                  Thank you - Tessa Knight C.M.P


Mindful draping during every session


5521 Scott's Valley Drive

Scott's valley, CA



TEXT ONLY, 707-223-1014

Leave proposed numerical date, time, length of session, full name and areas of discomfort.


24 hour notice to schedule.

Winter 11:00 a.m- 5:30 p.m

Summer 11:00 a.m-6:45 p.m

Confirmed client's sessions may

end as late as 9:00 p.m
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